About us

GlobalTech.City was founded in 2017 with the mission of solving global challenges with future technologies in cities. The goal is to facilitate that mission by creating a platform in which the technologies of the future can match and begin to solve the problems of the present. We focus on solving 5 main global challenges, adapted from the 17 global challenges set forth by the United Nations. (Click here to see the full list)



  1. Purpose & Mission Driven
  2. Passion for Tech & Communities
  3. Self Starters & Problem Solvers
  4. High Potentials & Multi Talents
  5. Proactive & Collaborative Spirits
  6. Agile & Lean Attitudes
  7. Professional & Positive Behaviours
  8. Energetic & Open Mindsets
  9. International & Inclusive Culture



  1. Be part of a small & agile startup and have impact on the organisation and the world!
  2. Work remotely from anywhere in the world and be part of a virtual team
  3. An opportunity to create something valuable
  4. Involvement in the decision-making process

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